An avenue for local commerce to extend beyond our borders…
and a vibrant urban village that is a destination in itself…
TRX is a unique opportunity for local businesses to thrive and grow.

Local presence, global exposure

TRX is a launchpad for businesses that have regional or global aspirations. Firms like HSBC and Prudential have already chosen TRX as their regional operations base. Business similar to these, alongside many others, are providing related services that will form an ecosystem where your business can thrive amongst like-minded firms. It offers a synergy from exposure and proximity that your business can harness, right here in the heart of the city.

Work local, shop local

As KL’s business life gravitates towards the next CBD, TRX will be the natural hub. With a significant daytime and evening population, made up of workers, residents and visitors, any commercial operation within retail, hospitality and service sectors at TRX will find it has a captive market of affluent consumers.

Where are the opportunities…?
they're everywhere, from international businesses seeking the very best talent...
from demand created by TRX’s space for social and entertainment needs…
and from keeping TRX running at world-class levels of service, TRX is open for business for all.

Opportunities for top brands and entrepreneurs alike

The multi-layered community at TRX will generate significant income for every sort of business. From international brands and hospitality outlets, to local entrepreneurs and traders vital to ensure TRX remains uniquely and authentically Malaysian, everybody in retail can benefit. TRX is a stepping-stone that can connect brands and businesses of all kinds to the world. From right here, right at home.

Let's talk.

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