The most connected district in KL links global giants with the man in the street.

29 Nov, 2019

When stepping into the TRX district, there is a distinct sense of space that expands before you. Right in the middle of the city, wide green open space leads you through the development and connects the public retail space to the office towers and into the residential quarter.

What also strikes you is the distinct lack of a hard border or a ‘main gate’ so to speak – TRX blends seamlessly into its neighbours, literally a walk from the older, established areas of Bukit Bintang and Imbi, and into this modern, new space of what cities of the future should feel like – primed to encourage human interaction, set in a spacious oasis of green and calm.

Experience tells you that this is a financial district unlike any other. Typically, these serious, powerful centres of finance tend to have an air of exclusivity. In the past, this was part of the industry ‘brand’ – to project power, a sense of separation and opaque superiority. But these conventions are dated: the world has changed, and so has global finance.

Openness, inclusivity and balance are driving many new or previously overlooked sectors of economy.

This is precisely why TRX is adopting a modern outlook of being very much part of the city it is in, a physical openness that connects to all walks of life.

Beginning with covered pedestrian walkways that flow out to its nearest neighbour, the Bukit Bintang shopping haven, the TRX district sits at the heart of the city where its energy can flow seamlessly in and around it.

Coming from further away, dedicated highways and city loops feed traffic in or away from the district rapidly, to every other important connection. Direct links to major highways and arterial roads mean a journey to TRX would bypass the city congestion.


TRX digital backbone is also guaranteed to support the specific needs of its most sophisticated tenants: the leading global financial institutions

No modern city breathes well without efficient public transport. For both those who work in the district, or come by to enjoy the space, the simplest, most efficient form of transport is the TRX MRT station – at the crossroads of two lines, it connects riders from neighbouring satellite cities and towns, as well as further afield through the KL Sentral link, which gets you to rail service throughout the nation, or directly out to the KL International Airport.

Beyond the physical connections, TRX digital backbone is also guaranteed to support the specific needs of its most sophisticated tenants: the leading global financial institutions. Its digital infrastructure is scalable to meet future demands, assuring comfort of doing business out of TRX, connecting with clients and vendors no matter where they are in the world.

Seamless connection and flow of information is vital for a 24/7 financial district. This is why TRX is also adopting leading smart city technologies, to cater for everything, from sophisticated building management system, to smart district management that regulates waste, traffic, parking and pedestrians’ needs, as well as providing top-notch urban safety monitoring systems.

Openness delivers business gains like no other. Corporate managers will find the cost of moving is simply offset by the accessibility of this new location for both their employees and customers. Employees and residents gain access to green, open spaces, interspersed with unique retail offerings, with the charm of the older parts of the city a stroll away.

And for proprietors of the retail spaces, TRX functions as a large magnet, thanks to its openness and porous borders, providing them a steady stream of varied clientele, ranging from residents to professionals, and from residents to tourists. And as Asia’s newest financial centre, this range is also multiplied by a global audience.

Come join us in TRX, the new hub for the meeting of minds, cultures and business.