Why TRX?



The thinking behind this finance-centric sustainable work-life ecosystem
Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) is Malaysia’s first and only financial district. Designed as a new financial services hub for Asia, it will be a nation-defining, master-planned project in the same league as Canary Wharf London, International Finance Centre Hong Kong, Marina Bay Singapore, and other iconic global destinations.
At one level TRX will be a high-rise home to Blue Chip multinational brands, redefining Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District. At another it will be an urban village and city park to equal the best the world has to offer. The thinking behind TRX is to become the global benchmark for work / life / play balance for international executives and local Malaysians alike.


The inspirational office campus at TRX, typified by The EXCHANGE 106, the prestigious new landmark transforming KL’s skyline, will provide the next generation superstructure for world-class businesses in Asia. HSBC, Prudential, Lendlease and the Mulia Group are among the early movers.

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Residential standards of living will be exemplary. With a green emphasis throughout the district this will be a low carbon footprint community, where pedestrians get priority and immediate access to public transport. Overall the district is truly integrated, with the retail and recreational space seamlessly positioned between the office and residential structure and a lush urban park with forest walks and concert venue just a few steps away from the MRT stop. This is next generation living at a global standard.

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TRX will have a significant 24/7 population of residents, office workers, tourists and visitors. This will create opportunities for retail activity ranging from elite global consumer brands through Malaysian entrepreneurs to local traders. The ethic at TRX is ‘work / live / play / repeat’ and a diverse and cosmopolitan community will provide a lucrative marketplace for commercial activity across all retail sectors and day-to-day commodities.

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